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Recent Locomotive Builds

A selection of recent locomotives built to commission

Loco Builds Gallery: Products

Now Completed

An old favourite in 7/8ths scale, 'Jack' 0-4-2T, coal-fired for 45mm gauge, and adjustable to 32mm gauge. Built by Bagnall & Co. of Stafford for the Cliffe Hill Granite Co Ltd in 1911.


Length 345mm, width 132mm, height 180mm, boiler dia 64mm, grate area 4,624 sq mm, 10 flue tubes. Hand pump, crosshead pump with by-pass, supplied with blower unit for steam-raising and firing tools.

Grate, ashpan and rear pony truck assemblies

16mm scale Darjeeling Class A, gas fired 32

Darjelling A class, 16mm scale 32mm gauge gas fired

Darjeeling A class

16 darj 4.JPG
78 darj 2.JPG

7/8ths scale Darjeeling A class, gas fired dual gauge, manual control

Darjeeling A class 7/8ths scale gas fired dual gauge

78 darj.JPG

Glasgow and South Western Rly 0-4-2 10mm scale gauge 1 gas fired, 2 inside cylinders, slip eccentric valve gear.

Designed by James Stirling, built 1874 by Nilson & C0. - class 221-280.

NG6 Matt 1.jpg

NG6 ex-Beira Railway Falcon 4-4-0 tender locomotive, gas fired gauge 'O' with slip eccentric valve gear, painted and lined out by Matt Acton

Double Fairlie James Spooner with half-cab

Fairlie half cab Nov 2015 001.jpg
Cyprus 2-6-0 gauge 1 gas fired 008.jpg

Cyprus Government Railways 2-6-0, Gauge One with full Walschaerts valve gear

Tal-y-llyn Gauge 'O' gas fired

Talyllyn March 2016 009.jpg
DOLGOCH gas fired gauge O sprung front axle 002.jpg

Gauge 'O' Dolgoch gas fired

Twin cylinder internally meths fired 'Rheidol' 2-4-0 tank loco, Gauge 'O'

Rheidol 2- cylinder gauge '0' . Center sprung pony. 021.jpg
Rheidol 2- cylinder gauge '0' . Center sprung pony. 010.jpg

Boiler for Rheidol tank above

Festiniog Railway 'Princess' loco, externally meths fired, Gauge One

Dolgoch ans C & M Princess 011.jpg

Campbeltown and Macrahanish 'Princess' 0-4-2 tank loco, externally meths fired, gauge 'O'

Double Fairlie 'Little Wonder', gas fired 'O' gauge

Little Wonder 014.jpg
Rheidol with cross-head pump gauge 1. 005.jpg

Twin cylinder internally meths fired 'Rheidol' 2-4-0 tank, Gauge One

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